• How do you play with the bilingual yoga cards?

    Sky's the limit when it comes to having fun! For the yoga cards, we’ll help you get started with 12 game ideas in each pack - both the printed and digital versions!
    For the affirmation cards, you can start by picking one every day!

  • Where does Metta Play send to?

    To wherever you are — as long as you’re ok to pay for shipping outside of Australia and USA. Please keep in mind some countries have their own customs and import tax laws. Be sure to check before you order.

    All packages are sent via regular post with tracking details, however you have the option for express at an additional cost. Depending on availability, products will be dispatched within two to five days of your payment being received.

    For more information on shipping, please see our legal section.

  • Can you prove your whole production process is mindful and conscious?

    We’re super proud of our production process. All our suppliers are local, which means we’re not only supporting local businesses, we’re also reducing our carbon footprint.

    - Our printing partner is 100% solar-powered. They recycle all of their aluminium press plates, donate waste paper to local schools (and recycle the rest), and use a combination of recycled and carbon
    neutral paper stocks

    - The paper we use for the cards is FSC certified mixed (meaning it came from a responsibly managed source)

    - Each deck is packed in a calico bag, which is 100% cotton, natural, environmentally-friendly, washable and totally reusable (hint: they’re great for storing little toys!)

  • Who can play with the bilingual yoga cards?

    For both the printed and digital versions of the bilingual yoga cards, it's for everyone and anyone!

    - 3 - 6 years old: learn interesting facts, make up stories, let them experience it

    - 7 - 9 years old: start build a deeper awareness of their body and different feelings

    - 10 years and above: delve deeper into the concept of self-love and a regular loving kindness practice

  • Can I buy Metta Play cards in stores?

    Not yet. If you want to be one of the first places to stock our products, please email us at hello@mettaplay.com and we’ll send you all the information and goodies. 

  • Can I get Metta Play cards in another language?

    We’re working hard to make the cards available in more languages. If you have a request or would like to be our translator, please email us at hello@mettaplay.com

  • Can I get Metta Play cards in my school or childcare?

    Our bilingual yoga and affirmation cards are perfect for tiny humans! Please email us at hello@mettaplay.com to chat!

  • Why does it come in a bag instead of a pretty box?

    We know it may not be the prettiest, but we are serious about being compassionate to the Earth. We don’t wrap your cards in tissue paper, in a box or in plastic. We use calico bags because they are environmentally-friendly and pratical.