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The Power of Play: Encouraging Learning Through Fun Activities

As caretakers, we often have certain expectations when it comes to teaching our kids. We may think that yoga should be done on a mat, in activewear, and with music, or that breathing exercises should be done sitting still with our eyes closed. However, the truth is that the best way to learn is through play.

Play is a powerful tool for learning. It can be used to encourage tiny humans to find their breath, practice yoga, and even pick up a new language. Here are four easy ways to incorporate play into our daily routines.

  1. Play hide and seek
    Hide Metta Play bilingual yoga cards around the house and have your little ones search for the card. Once they find it, ask them to copy the pose on the card and say the pose in the other language!

  2. Repeat words and make sounds
    Invite your kids to repeat the pose names on Metta Play bilingual yoga cards and make sounds if it's an animal! This can be done during playtime, while driving in the car, or during bath time.

  3. Sing songs
    Find songs in the target language and sing along together!

  4. Read affirmations at bedtime
    Use Metta Play bilingual affirmation cards at bedtime to help your little ones relax and feel confident. This environment is great to introduce new words and phrases in another language!

So, let's get creative and have fun learning together!

Metta Play bilingual yoga cards are available here and bilingual affirmation cards here


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