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2023 The Power of Affirmations: Is There A Wrong Time to Use Them?

Affirmations have become a popular tool for boosting positive thinking and confidence, especially for kids.

What are affirmations?
Simple phrases or statements that are repeated with the intention of influencing our thought patterns.

Why do we use affirmations with kids?
To help them develop a growth mindset from an early age. By using affirmations when they're relaxed, we can help them create positive beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

Is there a right or wrong time to practice affirmations?
In short, yes. Here's why.
What often happens is for example, we'll say "I am calm, I am calm" when things are stressful. Whilst this is done with the best intentions, what we're actually doing is helping our brains connect the word "calm" with the stressful sensations our bodies are feeling. YIKES! We definitely don't want that.

So when is the best time? 
The best time to practice affirmations is the next time the statement is true and relevant to the current situation. Saying "I am calm" when you are actually calm - so the phrase and experience match.

As caregivers and parents, we have the power to create a positive foundation for our kids' mental health and well-being. Metta Play bilingual affirmation cards are available here - in three languages. It's made for kids and is designed to promote mindfulness, positive self-talk, and language learning through play. This practice creates a powerful and transformative experience for children.


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