Teaching Kids Cultural Awareness with Metta Play Bilingual Cards - Metta Play Bilingual Cards

Teaching Kids Cultural Awareness with Metta Play Bilingual Cards

Are you looking for ways to teach or improve your kids' cultural awareness? Metta Play's bilingual yoga and affirmation cards are the perfect tool and here's why!

1. Our diverse illustrations feature a variety of skin tones and ethnicities, helping to promote representation and inclusivity. I believe in visual representation. Why? Because studies have shown that visual learning is the most effective form of learning. By incorporating diverse illustrations into our cards, we help kids retain information and develop empathy and tolerance towards others.

2. Our bilingual text promotes language learning and brain development, giving kids a head start in life. Research shows that learning another language early helps prime their brains and accelerates their development, opening them up to a world of opportunities. It also promotes empathy and tolerance, creating harmony at home, school and beyond.

3. Our cards also provide exciting ways to practice mindfulness and positive habits. From yoga poses to affirmations, kids can develop self-love and emotional regulation in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

At Metta Play, we believe in creating resources that are based on research, science, and experience. By providing tools for kids, we hope to empower everyone to bring mindfulness and cultural awareness into their homes and communities.

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