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Why I Created Metta Play for Kids

Hi there, I'm Via, and I am so grateful you're here!

I'm excited to share with you the story behind Metta Play, a bilingual yoga and affirmation card set that I created to help empower kids.

As a mother of two, I've always dreamed of introducing my children to yoga and mindfulness and teaching them the skills of emotional regulation. I also wanted something that introduced them to our heritage.

Growing up Asian, mental health was not something that was commonly talked about, and I never had access to materials that represented me. So when I looked at the tools available in the market, I found that they didn't have "me" in them - my background, my culture, my language, or even my face.

That's when I decided to create a tool that would be inclusive and represent kids of all backgrounds. I wanted my kids, and yours, to have access to something that would help them become more aware, fierce, and compassionate.

So, Metta Play was born - a bilingual yoga and affirmation card set that encourages mindfulness and cultural awareness. The cards are sustainably made, with inclusive illustrations and two written languages. I'm proud to be creating a tool that empowers tiny humans to become more aware, fierce and compassionate.

I hope you'll join me on this journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate world, one where our children can thrive and become their best selves.

Grateful you're here,

Metta Play bilingual yoga and affirmation cards are available here


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