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Mom of 2 Reviews Bilingual Affirmation Cards for Kids

A real-parent review of Metta Play bilingual affirmation cards, Bibian, Mom of 2.

Are you a busy parent looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness and language learning into your child's routine? Look no further than Metta Play's bilingual affirmation cards! According to Bibian, a mom of two beautiful girls, using these cards has been an awesome bonding exercise for her and her eldest daughter while also allowing her to practice mindfulness in the midst of a chaotic household.

But that's not all - these cards also provide an opportunity to expose your child to a new language! Bibian shared how she has been able to introduce Chinese language to her daughter while using the cards. So not only are you practicing mindfulness and bonding with your child, but you're also helping them expand their language skills!

Thank you, Bibian, for sharing your experience with us. Give these bilingual affirmation cards a try and see the positive impact they can have on you and your child's wellbeing.

Metta Play bilingual affirmation cards are available in Mandarin, Indonesian, French here



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