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Helping Kids Calm Down and What Skydivers Have to Do with It

Did you know that skydivers need to learn everything they need BEFOREĀ jumping out of a plane? Imagine if skydivers learnt how to open a parachute mid-air, after jumping out of the plane.

While someone on the ground is yelling "ok it's time to OPEN THE PARACHUTE now!" "Whaaaaatt??? HOWWWW!!!!?"

It's similar to when we're upset and someone tells us to "calm down" šŸ¤Æ "Whaaaaatt??? HOWWWW!!!!?"

It's important for us and ourĀ kids to learn how to "calm down" before things get hard.

The Benefits of Deep Breathing for Kids

Deep breathing is a simple and effective technique for reducing stress and anxiety. It can help calm the mind, slow down the heart rate, and promote a sense of well-being. Deep breathing gives our kidsĀ a powerful tool for managing their emotions.

How to Practice Deep Breathing with Kids

Lead by example, model the behavior. Find a calm and quiet environment where you and your child can be comfortable. Start by taking a few big audible breaths and say "Wow that feels so nice!" Encourage your child to follow along and take deep breaths as well. Most of the time, they will copy you!

Fun Tips forĀ Caretakers

Make deep breathing fun by incorporating it into your daily routine. You can practice deep breathing while eating breakfast, going for a walk in the park, or singing in the car. This is when it's most effective - learning when things are calm. Like those skydivers who learn to open their parachutes on the ground. With all that practice, the next time your child starts feeling upset or anxious, you can encourageĀ themĀ to take deep breaths with more ease.

Start simple and practice often. One day, they will have this powerful tool in their back pocket when they need it most.

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