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Struggling with Bedtime? Sleep in No Time with this Fun Yoga Pose for Kids!

Are you tired of Googling "How can I or my kids sleep better?" Do you want to help them calm down and get some restful sleep yourself? Two words: LEGS UP! It's a super easy and fun yoga pose that can help you and your tiny humans fall asleep in no time.

To get started, simply lie down on your back on a soft surface, such as your bed or a yoga mat. Then, walk your legs up the wall slowly until you feel comfortable. I like to make sure my legs are somewhat straight up the wall. Note that what is good for me, might not be for you. So find what is most comfortable for you! Use a pillow or cushion to support your head, your back if needed and get cozy with a blanket or hoodie.

Now, close your eyes and just breathe. This pose is also known as Viparita Kirani in Sanskrit and is a mild inversion that can calm down and pacify your mind and body. Many kids I've taught, and even myself, have fallen asleep multiple times while practicing this pose!

So, the next time your little ones are having trouble sleeping, give your legs up the wall a try. It's a simple and effective way to help them relax and get the rest they need. Just be warned - the real challenge is staying awake!

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