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Blow Endless Bubbles to Encourage Strong Exhales for Kids!

Do you want to blow endless bubbles and have fun practicing your breathing skills? This activity is perfect for you!

Grab some empty bottles, scissors, tape, rubber bands, wet wipes, a container, dish soap, and maybe some food coloring if you want to make it extra fun.

1. Cut the top of the bottle and cover it with a wet wipe. Make sure to secure it well!

2. Mix dish soap and water together, using 1 part dish soap to 4 parts water.

3. Dip the bottle in and blow those endless bubbles! You can even use food coloring to make them more colorful.

Make it extra fun by inviting a friend or sibling to join you and see who can make the biggest bubble!

This is not only a fun activity but also a strong breathing exercise. In order to blow big and endless bubbles, you have to exhale a lot. Remember that exhaling helps your body slow down and calm your nervous system. How cool is that? You can practice your breathing skills and make your exhales visible in a fun and exciting way.

Thanks to @bubbleandbeep on TT for this great idea!

It's important to note that adult supervision is required for this activity, and it's always best to ask for parents' help in gathering the materials and setting up the activity. Safety is the top priority, so make sure to follow all instructions carefully and enjoy the activity with a responsible adult by your side. 


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