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How Yoga Can Help Your Kids Poop Better by Blowing Bubbles

Hey kids, have you ever had trouble pooping? Don't worry, it happens to everyone! My toddlers get really uncomfortable at times. Do you want to know what helps us? Blowing bubbles on the toilet! Yes, you read that right, blowing bubbles!

When we blow imaginary bubbles, we take a deep breath in and then exhale through the mouth, just like blowing bubbles. And then, something magical happens - we hear a "bloop" and a relieved little face!

But why does this work? When we breathe consciously, our body relaxes more. And this relaxation helps our pelvic floor muscles relax and release the poop. So, if you want to poop better, remember to blow those bubbles on the toilet!

It's definitely way more fun to use actual bubbles. So maybe keep them handy in the bathroom!

And who would've thought that yoga could help you poop? So, if you want to learn more fun yoga poses and breathing exercises, check out Metta Play's bilingual yoga and affirmation cards for kids here. Trust us, they are awesome!



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