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Metta Play Cards

Bilingual Yoga Cards

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French is at a lower rate because of a text error on one of the cards. So you will be getting 14 matching pairs (28 cards). A new print run will arrive soon.

Use Metta Play yoga cards to help build physical, cognitive and emotional development, fostering a loving kindness practice for oneself, for each other and for the Earth.

Each pack includes:

  • 15 matching pairs of beautifully illustrated yoga cards and poses written in two languages (30 cards)

  • One guidebook printed on recycled paper, including pose descriptions and game ideas

  • 8.5cm x 12cm in size, printed on environmentally friendly paper. Each card has rounded corners and is laminated to endure endless play time

Perfect for kids of all ages, especially as you introduce them to movement, breathing techniques, or new words! These cards are proudly designed, printed and packed in Australia. With every purchase, we are giving back 10% of profits to help improve the education and future of children in need.

Illustration by the wonderful Vess @vessillustration

Caution: Children 3 years and under should be supervised when using cards. Cards should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.

We appreciate your patience as orders may take longer to be shipped.

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