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Metta Play Cards

Bilingual Affirmation Cards

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Use Metta Play affirmation cards to help develop positive self-talk, resilience and foster a loving kindness practice for oneself, for each other and for the Earth.

Each pack includes

  • 9 beautifully illustrated, double-sided affirmation cards written in two languages

  • 9,5cm x 13,5cm in size, printed on environmentally friendly paper. Each card has rounded corners and is laminated to endure endless play time

How to use these cards effectively:

  1. Start them young. The earlier, the easier and more powerful it is to develop a positive self-talk

  2. Use first thing in the morning to help set the day ahead or before bedtime as a reflection point

  3. Use as conversation starters. Ask how the affirmation is true. Find evidence in your daily life or create a situation where the skill is demonstrated. This helps them not only speak the affirmation, but experience it

  4. Be realistic and practical. Saying “I am brave” when we feel dissapointed is difficult to believe. But reminding ourselves that bravery looks like not giving up when things are hard is helpful

Perfect for kids from 3 - 12 years old. These cards are proudly designed, printed and packed in Australia. With every purchase, we are giving back 10% of profits to help improve the education and future of children in need.

Illustration by the wonderful Vess @vessillustration