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Why Metta Play Bilingual Yoga Cards are Great for Your Kids

Three reasons why Metta Play bilingual yoga cards are fantastic for your tiny humans! Learning a new language can be exciting, and when combined with yoga, it's even more fun. Here's why our bilingual cards are excellent for kids.

  1. Fun-filled learning experience

Who says learning has to be dull? Our bilingual cards are an excellent way to learn and play at the same time! Studies show that when children explore and learn through play, it only takes 10-20 repetitions for their brain to create a new synapse compared to 400 repetitions otherwise. So, they get to play and learn important skills at lightning speed? Sign me up!

  1. Improves Mind-Body Connection

Our bilingual cards aren't just about learning a new language; they also help little ones develop a strong mind-body connection through yoga practice. When children are aware of how they respond and react to different situations, they gain control and develop critical self-regulation skills. These skills will be invaluable throughout their lives, helping them to manage their emotions, build resilience, and cope with stress.

  1. Promotes Harmony and Respect in the Playground

Metta Play bilingual cards promote harmony and respect in the playground and beyond. By nurturing their cultural awareness through inclusive illustrations and exposure to another language, children's perspectives expand, and they become more empathetic and tolerant of others. They will appreciate and understand different cultures and languages, which leads to a more diverse, inclusive and accepting community.

Metta Play bilingual cards offer many benefits for little ones. It creates a fun-filled learning experience, help develop critical self-regulation skills, and promote harmony and respect in the playground. So why not give them a try and see the benefits for yourself?

Metta Play bilingual yoga cards are available in physical or print-at-home https://mettaplay.com/products/yoga-cards

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