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2023 How to Explain Yoga to Your Kids: Tips and Tricks

As a parent, explaining yoga to your kids can be challenging. How do you make them understand the concept of "union" or the benefits of physical postures and breathing techniques? In this blog post, we'll share three practical ways to explain yoga to tiny humans.

  1. Focus on the Feeling

When explaining yoga to young children, it's essential to focus on the feeling rather than the technicalities. You can say something like, "Yoga is a way to make your body feel good and your mind feel calm and happy." This explanation will resonate with kids, and they'll be more likely to be interested in trying yoga.

  1. Make it Practical

Another way to explain yoga to kids is by making it practical. You can say, "Yoga is a way to exercise our bodies and minds at the same time. We can do different poses that help us become strong, flexible, and healthy." This explanation will help kids understand the tangible benefits of yoga.

  1. Tell Them About the History

If your child is interested in history, you can explain yoga's origins. You can say, "Yoga is an ancient practice from India that helps people feel united with a higher power through posture, breathing, and meditation." This explanation will pique their curiosity and inspire them to learn more about yoga's rich history.

Explaining yoga to your kids can be fun and exciting. By focusing on the feeling, making it practical, or telling them about the history, you can help your kids understand and appreciate yoga. So, next time your child asks, "What's yoga?" you'll be ready with a simple and effective explanation.



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