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Become a Thought Hunter: A Playful Meditation for Kids!

Meditation is a great tool to calm your mind and focus on the present moment. And it's very hard.

Did you know that meditation doesn't mean your mind has to be completely quiet or that you can't have any thoughts? In fact, it's humanly impossible to have a completely quiet mind! That's where the fun "Thought Hunter" comes in.

The Thought Hunter technique is all about creating space for your thoughts and observing them without judgment or attachment. It's a fun way to develop mindfulness skills, and it's perfect for older kids, tweens, and teens!

Here's how to play

Start by counting slowly from 1 to 10

Every time a thought pops up, go back to 1. Even if it's just a small thought like "I made it to 4," it's time to start counting again

The challenge is to see how far you can go without getting distracted!

This meditation is a practice of paying true attention to your thoughts and feelings. It's hard work, but with practice, you'll become better at it. You'll be able to tune in to yourself, regulate your emotions, and shift patterns that no longer serve you.

Remember, it's a practice. So give yourself love and grace if you're finding it challenging. Grab a friend, sibling or parent and start challenging each other - see who can get to the highest number!




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